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Born 29th May 1885

Sometime in 1904/5 he met and married Maud Sarah Howes in East London.

Soon after this their (1908) first child was born – John Henry Ward

A Second child was born the following year (1909) – Frederick George Ward

In (?1911) a third child was born – Herbert Charles Ward (Uncle Bert)

Sometime soon after this the whole family moved from East London to Markham in South Wales where Henry was employed by the Markham Steam Coal Company at the Markham Colliery as a Colliery Timberman’s Assistant

Once settled in Wales the fourth child was born in 1912 – Ernest Frank Ward (Uncle Ern)

A fifth child arrived in 1915 – Christabel Maud Ward (Auntie Ciss).

Soon after this Leslie Ward was born (in 1916) but tragedy struck within two years as he succumbed to the Influenzae Pandemic.

In 1922 a second daughter arrived – Dorothy Lillian Ward (Aunty Dot).

Tragedy was to strike again on 13th January 1927 (within a week of the end of the National Strike) when the eldest son John was killed in a pit accident at the Markham Colliery.

Just over a year later (27th February 1928) a third daughter arrived – Henrietta Joan Ward (my mother).

Unfortunately within a few days of my mothers birth Henry Ward was fatally injured in a roof collapse at the Markham Colliery.

He died on 3rd March 1928 at the Tredegar Cottage Hospital from his injuries.


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